Babydoll or Chemise for Valentines?

 Babydoll or Chemise?

Are you confused by all this lingerie jargon – isn’t a nightie a nightie? Actually it isn’t. I have done some research for you and this is what I’ve learned …

Baby Doll Original Film Poster 1956
Baby Doll, 1956 (original film poster)

Babydolls derive from the 1950’s famous  movie Baby Doll which was billed “sweet as honey…..sweet as sin.”  It starred Carol Baker as a young nymphet and she wore a very short-see through negligee with her matching frilly knickers showing.  

   Chemise is a French term meaning shirt. Historically a chemise was an undergarment worn next to the skin to prevent moisture, body oils and creams for getting on the outer garments.  Today Chemise are very similar to a Babydoll except they may be a little longer, straighter and less frilly.

   Today’s contemporary Babydolls  or Chemise are pretty and cute with a naughty, tease-me twist, just like the movie. They often come with matching knickers or thongs. They can be worn as nighties or simply bedroom wear if you dare.  The accent is on legs and/or breasts and sheer fabrics that tease and tantalise your partner are just perfect.

Dreamgirl Sensual Seduction Babydoll and G-string
Dreamgirl Sensual Seduction Babydoll and G-string

   But one thing’s for sure the emphasis is still on sexy!

Like every girl I love a Babydoll and I have handpicked some very sexy traditional and modern designs that flirt with your figure and leave just enough to his imagination.

A girl can never have too many and we have boxed them for you to make the perfect gift.


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