How to buy her the perfect gift this Christmas


Does the thought of shopping for your partner’s Christmas gift bring you out in a cold sweat? Do you find yourself frantically fighting the crowds on Christmas Eve as desperately hope for inspiration to strike? You return home, dishevelled and dilapidated. Firmly clutching an S Club 7 CD you managed to rescue from the bargain bin in Asda. You remember her humming to one of their songs in in the car once, it should be okay? Shouldn’t it?


Worry no longer, at Santonesse our customers have their very own personal shopping service. For no additional costs, Madame Santonesse is on hand to offer advice and answer all your questions. We also offer fast and efficient delivery options that will get your gift home to you in record speed.


We understand how difficult it can be to work through the cryptic clues and perplexing hints that women expect you to decode. As a Christmas gift for you, we’ve developed a practical guide to help you choose the perfect present this Christmas.


After all, you deserve a break.


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Take a look at our Christmas Gift section and choose something special for the woman you love. We have everything you need to make her toes curl during the festive season from body wand massagers to rabbit vibrators. What better way to make someone happy this Christmas.


As a treat for you both to enjoy, we offer a huge range of exquisite and luxurious lingerie. Choose something flattering and sexy to help her sizzle in the bedroom and enjoy the rewards of you labour. For example, this stunning corset contains delicate boning to create shape and flatter her natural curves. This faux leather corset offers a winning combination which works with all sizes and shapes.


If you need some help choosing something sexy that your partner will like. Try our useful lingerie buying guide this covers lots of different styles and the figures that they suit. If you still aren’t sure, fill out our contact form and let us help.



Get the right size


Nothing kills Christmas passion faster than the wrong sized outfit. If it’s too big, you may be accused of thinking she is large. If it’s too small, she may panic that she is putting on the pounds. Rather than risk a festive faux pas, it’s much easier to sneak a peek at the labels of the clothes that she currently wears to get an idea of her sizing.


I’d advise looking through the laundry basket rather than her wardrobe. At least with laundry you know that this is the size that she is currently wearing. The danger with wardrobes are that women tend to accumulate so many outfits over the years. You could be looking at a favourite outfit from 10 years ago which she couldn’t bear to part with and it no longer fits.


Yes, it does happen.


When going through underwear, make sure you are alone. Nothing would be more awkward than sitting through Christmas Dinner with your girlfriend’s bristling father glaring at you over the brussels sprouts because he has seen you riffling through his daughters undergarments!


Decipher the clues.


As women, we are creatures of mystery and intrigue. Rather than brazenly asking for the gift that we like this Christmas, we prefer to make you untangle a throng of impossible clues whilst you hunt for our gift. We get our thrills by knowing how hard you’ve worked to make us happy because it makes us feel special.

Once you have the perfect gift, you’ve hit the jackpot! In our eyes, you can do no wrong and will receive untold amounts of gratitude and

pleasures, for that day at least…


Here’s a few tips to help you work with those tricky hints.


  • Check her Santonesse Wishlist for stored purchases
  • Are there any items she has admired and shared on social media websites?
  • Ask her friends for help – they know her better than anyone.
  • Are you finding torn pages of magazines ‘lying around’? These are clues to potential gifts.
  • Is she mentioning a particular product a lot lately? Remove the car de-icing kit from you mind. Yes, it’s cold and it has been mentioned a lot but it is NOT a suitable Christmas gift. Think more along the lines of an elegant robe.
  • Go shopping with her and see what she admires. What styles does she like and what items does she pick up. Very importantly – listen to her. She may have picked up a pair of fluffy slippers. However, they were an option for Auntie Margaret not something that she wanted for herself. Distraction will only end in disaster so stay focused!


Remember the unwrapping


Another thing to remember when shopping for Christmas is where the gift will be unwrapped. Unwrapping a full body restraint kit in front of Mum, Dad and her elderly Grandparents may cause some uncomfortable squirming this Christmas, and not in a good way.

The thought of your intention to go all Fifty Shades of Grey on his precious daughter is more than any father can be expected to bear. Particularly, as he still hasn’t recovered from the underwear incident. An incident like this WILL probably end up with someone in another form of restraint – handcuffs.


Spare your girlfriends blushes and a family crisis with a short note attached to the gift advising her to wait until you are alone. Or exchange gifts in private, once the family have dozed off so she can thank you properly.


Choosing an amazing present doesn’t have to be stressful. Find the perfect gift with the help of Madame Santonesse and take all the credit for making Christmas day go with a bang.


Santa does it every year and everyone loves him, right?


Merry Christmas from all at  Santonesse