Dress to Impress for Sexy Nights In

The cool nights are drawing closer and the chilly seasons are upon us. At Santonesse, we love the beauty of the changing seasons and the thrill of holding your lover close before a roaring fire.

With these cosy nights imminent, why not make the most out of your time spent indoors by switching the sizzling summer bikini for something from our collection of sultry and sensual lingerie.  Chosen carefully, lingerie can work wonders for your confidence and spice up your relationship. Put on something that looks amazing and your confidence instantly grows. It’s an exhilarating experience that transforms your whole demeanour and the way you view your body.

At Santonesse, we want our clients to feel sexy, desirable and empowered. Wearing the correct lingerie is the easiest way to feel amazing and it requires minimum effort. For the perfect evening, spend some time on your hair and apply your make up. Add something sensual from the Santonesse collection and team it with a pair of killer heels.

Lock the door, shut the curtains and prepare to dazzle….

What body shape are you?

For those new to wearing lingerie, confidence can be a massive issue. We believe that all women, whatever shape or size are beautiful but when your confidence is low, a little help goes a very long way.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you to find the perfect lingerie to suit the shape of your body. Learn how to highlight your shapely legs and amazing cleavage whilst discreetly covering the areas of your body which you aren’t completely happy with.

Strip down to your underwear and stand in front of a full length mirror. Look at your curves and the features of your body. There are five different types of body shape – Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Athletic. Use the guide below to discover your body shape and take a look at our very simple rules.


Apple figures generally comprise of a large bust, broad shoulders and rounder tummy but with smaller bottoms and beautiful, slender legs. Any weight gained usually settles comfortably around the midriff area and can be difficult to shift. You will recognise the apple shape in celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie.

Embrace your apple figure with lingerie which accentuates the ample cleavage but discreetly elongates and flatter the tummy area. The aim is to draw attention to the bottom half of your body where your luscious, show stopping legs are fully displayed.

For flattering the apple figure, take a look at the sensual and chic Safire Babydoll Set. The low neckline displays your ample cleavage whilst the soft, flowing chiffon flows loosely around the tummy. A matching thong and high hemline show off your shapely bottom and long legs.

If you prefer to stay a little more covered, why not try a corset? A corset like the Provocative Black Brocade Corset creates shape and definition by pinching in at the waist and boosting your luscious boobs. The matching thong and a pair of thigh high stockings accentuate your long, slender legs.

Corsets also look great with a pair of jeans or leggings so are extremely versatile.



Apples should avoid tight fitting lingerie which clings to the tummy area as this can appear unflattering. Stick to loose flowing fabrics and in the event of a lingerie mishap or you’re lacking confidence, cover with a short silky robe with a pair of kitten heels. It never fails to impress.


Pear ladies often have narrow top halves with small breasts and flat tummies but with wider hips and a full, rounded bottom. Because pear ladies have hips that are wider than their shoulders, they are generally curvy. Famous pear shaped ladies include Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé who are both well known for their curvaceous figures.

Flatter the pear shape figure by reducing emphasis on the bottom half of the body and using cleaving boosting lingerie to add volume and shape to the upper body.  This helps to balance out the difference in the top and bottom half, creating proportion.

The beautiful Escale Chemise is an A lined chemise which has supported cups to help create an eye popping cleavage. The vertical panel elongates the midsection and diverts attention away from the larger area of your bottom half.  Because the Escale Chemise has a skirt effect which finishes just below the curvaceous bottom, it creates a fun but flattering finish.

You can also balance out your lower half with a playful but sexy Cami-Set. The Avanua Marina Polka Dot Cami Set has a low neckline to flatter and highlight your cleavage but comes with loose, flowing shorts to cover your bottom half. Wear with a pair of heels for sexy lingerie which doubles up as comfortable and chic nightwear.


Pears should avoid ruffles and large patterns around the lower half of the body as these draw attention to the area, making it appear larger.

Because Pear shaped women can be both big or small boned, it’s worth experimenting with different outfits to find the lingerie which works best for you. A little experimentation goes a long way, just remember to create proportion.

Hourglass Figure

An hourglass lady is blessed with a proportionate top and bottom with a well-defined cinched waist. Because the hourglass figure is deemed as the most sought after female figure, it would be criminal to cover it up. Famous hourglass figures include those of Marilyn Monroe and Kelly Brook, both beautiful women with amazing proportions.

If you’re lucky enough to have the traditional hourglass figure, flaunt your fabulous shape with the beautiful Midnight Magenta Three Piece Set or something which hugs your curves like the gorgeous Fabra Corset.

The perfect lingerie to suit the hourglass figure are the bra and panty sets which cling to those fabulous curves and show off your fabulous figure. Take a look at the Sexy Seductress Suspender Slip and Thong It’s perfect for highlighting those hourglass curves.


Hourglass shapes should avoid lingerie that is too big or baggy as this can add weight, making you look heavy and hiding your lovely figure.

Sporty or Athletic

Athletic figures can be small or big boned but have a solid torso with little or no waist definition. Their slender frames are the envy of many are but often lacking in curve and definition. Celebrities who flaunt their athletic figures with pride are the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow and Kiera Knightly.

Flatter the athletic build by using lingerie to create the curves you need. A two piece outfit like the Avanua Safire Sheer Black Cami-Set uses a cropped camisole and high leg briefs to create the illusion of soft curves.

You can also use frills and gathers to create curves like the Sensual Seductive Bra Set . The soft gathers add weight to your bottom half, whilst the bra top lifts and accentuates your breasts and cleavage.


Athletic builds should avoid tight fitting all in one outfits as they lack the emphasis you need to create soft feminine waves.

Madame Santonesse believes that women are incredibly sexy, no matter what shape or size you are. This guide is by no means definitive and only provides a few simple rules to help you find the perfect outfit to impress this autumn.

If you still aren’t sure what will work for you, take a look at your wardrobe and try on the lingerie you do have. With our tips in mind, stand in front of the mirror and try on each item of lingerie. How does it look and how do you feel? Perhaps you’ve been following the rules already…

For those who want to add something new to their collection, why not take a look at our immense collection of lingerie and pick up something spectacular. We cater for all shapes and sizes and have something to suit everyone.

If you have any questions,  please use our personal shopping service where Madame Santonesse is always available for advice.

You’ll certainly be dressed to impress this Autumn.