Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

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After eagerly awaiting the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie I booked my ticket weeks in advance of the 13th February opening date. I’m pleased that I did, a member of cinema management informed me that all 7 showings at the Vue Cinema, had been fully booked today, something that they hadn’t seen in years. Wow!

The film started by getting straight into the iconic first meeting between Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson. After a disastrous first meeting and a powerful mutual attraction, Christian and Ana embark upon a passionate love affair. However, Christian is tortured by inner demons and this has left him with a dark, controlling streak, particularly in the bedroom. Unsure about dipping her toes into such unfamiliar territory, Ana relies on the guidance of Christian to open a world filled with deep desires and kinky fantasies.

Will Ana’s sexual awakening be the undoing of their passionate relationship, or can two different world’s collide so forcefully and still find a way to make it work?

Initially, I had grave concerns about Jamie Dornan as the choice to play Christian Grey but I found that he played the role beautifully. More handsome on screen than he is in pictures and certainly very engaging, I really warmed to a character that I had previously despised. Dakota Johnson, played the unassuming Anastasia really well and has a child-like innocence that was both engaging and incredibly frustrating at times. As the characters gained momentum throughout the film, the cheesy lines and silly lip biting because less annoying and less important.

The sex scenes are not pornographic but they are erotic. The film is a classy depiction of the book and the characters are sensual without going over the top (in the bedroom anyway, there are still some very cheesy moments). In the books, I found the sex scenes rather dull and quite tame at times but the film brought the moment to life in a more realistic way. I love the use of wrist suspension and spanking, whilst the infamous Red Room of Pain, which was EVERYTHING I expected and more. The scene in the bath where Christian washes Ana is also an authentic Dom/sub reconnection technique which I believe brought a softness to this often controversial relationship. I’m pleased that the writers left this part in the film.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film and would go as far as saying that it was better than the book. The script was more polished, the characters far more likable and unsavoury elements of Christian’s character were removed from the story, for example the stalking and questionably abusive tendencies.

This created a much more savoury storyline and one that I really enjoyed. If you’re a fan of the trilogy, I would recommend getting yourself a ticket and going to see for yourself.