Help him choose you the perfect gift this Christmas

The Queen has finished off her speech, you’ve polished off the turkey and Christmas pudding and it’s time to open your special gift. After watching him open the expensive aftershave and TV box sets you eagerly you tear off the paper, his eyes watching your every move. You give the present a squeeze, wondering if it’s the beautiful lingerie you pointed out to him a few weeks ago whilst he excitedly declares that you’ll love it.

As pull the gift present from the wrapping paper it takes a moment to figure out exactly what it is. Sensing your confusion, your partner helpfully reminds you about the time you mentioned that a double sided wash cloth was a REALLY good idea. He picks up the cloth pointing out a scrubber on one side and soft cloth on the other.

After a rage fuelled whipping with the wash cloth (which is actually quite rough) the neighbours, upon hearing the anguished screams, call the police. You are carted off in handcuffs and spend the rest of the day ‘calming down’ in a prison cell.

The day is ruined.

Okay, this may be a slight exaggeration of the facts. However, the wrong gift choice can easily put a dampener on your Christmas festivities. Don’t let this happen to you.  With our brilliant new postage scheme you still have plenty of time to choose the perfect gift and receive it in time for Christmas.


One of the most efficient ways to point out the perfect gift this Christmas is to show your partner your Santonesse Wishlist. For those who aren’t sure how to do this, it’s really simple. Create an account at the Santonesse website. We don’t send spam emails to our customers but a personal account ensures that your transactions are faster and your delivery information is stored.

When you see an item that you love, like these Fifty Shades of Grey Silicone Ben Wa Balls Click the button which says ‘Add to Wishlist’. This adds the Ben Wa Balls to a list of items that you have stored to purchase at a later date. You partner can access your Wishlist and choose your gift from the list of items.

It’s a fool proof way of getting exactly what you want.


The computer is your friend

The computer is a very useful ‘hint dropping’ tool during the Christmas build up. Casually ask if you can borrow his laptop whilst you do some Christmas shopping. As you are perusing our range of exquisite lingerie like this Shirley Red Corset, minimise the pages of items you like instead of closing the page. That way, when your partner opens his laptop he’s see exactly what you were previously looking at.

Another way to use the computer effectively is to copy and paste a link for your chosen gift and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Write something like ‘Isn’t this Cami-Set beautiful and tag your partner in the picture.

It will be unmissable!



For those who prefer to drop hints that are a little more discreet, Pinterest is the perfect way to show your lover exactly what takes your fancy this Christmas without being too obvious. At Santonesse, we have a useful ‘Pin it’ tab which pins your favourite items to your Pinterest page with just one click.

Once your partner spots the Vintage Style Classic Chemise on your Pinterest board. He won’t be able to resist picking it up for you.




Another fail-safe option for getting what you want this Christmas is bribery. Effectively utilised by women everywhere, a little bribery always succeeds in getting us exactly what we want.

For example. Show your partner a picture of the item you want and say ‘Wow, if I had this Body Wand Mini Massager I could treat you to a top to toe body massage. It’s SO relaxing and look! It doubles up as a clitoral vibrator too. Remember when we tried something like that during sex, it was amazing wasn’t it?’

How could he resist such an offer?


Enlist the help of a friend.

Ask a friend to ‘helpfully’ send him a link to something you’ve seen and ask her to tell him how much you loved it. It takes the pressure off your partner and helps him to think that it was all his idea.


Ask his opinion

Be more forthcoming with your hints by asking his opinion on an item you like. For example ‘What do you think about this Robe I really like the lace shoulders and it looks so elegant and pretty. What do you think?’

It puts the item under his nose and will also be alerted to the fact that this is a potential gift idea.


Finally, the most effective way of getting the gift you like this Christmas

If like Monsieur Santonesse, your partner wouldn’t know a hint if it was dancing in front of him waving a Oui Cherie Rabbit Vibrator. The most effective way of getting the gift you want this Christmas is by shopping together and talking about it.

‘I know how busy you are so I’ve put a list of ideas together to make things easier for you.’ works wonders.  If you are over critical, it may make your partner feel as if you are putting his choices down, leaving him defensive and upset. You’ll also get brownie points for being such an understanding partner AND you know that you’ll get the right size.

Another reason to talk is budgeting. We’ve all been in a situation where you’ve bought cheap but amusing gift for someone only to discover that they have spent a small fortune on an expensive and thoughtful gift for you.  It’s awkward, cringe worthy and leads to 365 days of ‘hmm… that present’ sulking.  Talking about a budget for gifts is the ideal way to ensure that you are in sync this Christmas.

Christmas isn’t all about gifts, there are so many special aspects to the festive season. However, the perfect gift can make someone you feel great this Christmas. Why not take a look at our huge range of products and make sure that Christmas 2014 is an absolute cracker.

Also, our new and improved delivery schedule guarantees fast and discreet postage. Take a look at the website for Christmas posting times.

Have a great Christmas from all at  Santonesse.