How to measure for your bra size

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 What is my bra size?

We all know there’s nothing worse than an ill fitting bra so here’s a simple bra size guide to help you find your correct size you will need the band size and the cup size.

Band Size

  1. This is the measurement in inches taken around your ribcage. Measure underneath your bust in the crease and flush against your back. You may need a willing helper to keep the measuring tape straight and level. Measure whilst relaxed and breathing out for an accurate measurement.
  2. If the measurement is an even number add on 4. If the measurement is odd add on 5. This number is your bra band size.

For example:

You measured 32 inches + 4 your band size is 36 inches

You measured 33 inches + 5 your band size is 38 inches


Cup Size

  1.  Find your over bust measurement by placing a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust at nipple level. Make sure you are relaxed and breathing out for an accurate measurement. Make sure the tape measure is level all the way around and measure in inches.
  2. Subtract the band measurement from the over bust measurement and calculate the cup size from the table below. If the difference is :
    • Less than 1 inch = AA Cup
    • 1 inch = A cup
    • 2 inches = B cup
    • 3 inches = C cup
    • 4 inches = D cup
    • 5 inches = DD cup
    • 6 inches = E cup
    • 7 inches = F cup
    • 8 inches = FF cup
    • 9 inches  = G  cup
    • 10 inches = GG cup