A Valentine’s Giveaway

Have your heard about my fabulous giveaway? To help you celebrate Valentine’s Day I am holding a giveaway with Mummy Alarm blog where one lucky person will win a £50 gift voucher to spend here on the Santonesse site. Now that should get your heart beating faster!

What fabulous items would you buy if you won? Well that’s the question those entering the giveaway have to answer, and the huge diversity of answers shows that we really do have something for everyone here at Santonesse. Whether it is cute cami sets or sexy corsets and bustiers, you have all found something to make you feel sexy. Here are a few of your favourite items and your comments.


Santonesse Giveaway Favourites


For some, the choice is just too great, and you’d rather let your partners pick, so why not share this post with them and get them to enter our giveaway?

Enter the giveaway here

Good luck to you all in the giveaway! Keep those entries coming, and even if you are not lucky this time, I hope you have fun exploring our site and dreaming of what you might choose if you win!

Stay sexy,

Madame Santonesse xxxx